Rabu, 16 April 2014

Wasekjen PPP accusations Monoarfa Perform Serious Violations

Wasekjen United Development Party ( PPP ) Syaifullah Tamliha said deputy chairman Suharso Monoarfa serious misconduct . That is , do the impeachment effort against Suryadharma Ali ( SDA ) .

This is because Monoarfa issued a no-confidence motion on behalf of 26 leadership council areas . " After investigation of 26 DPW issued a vote of no confidence which , eight of which are not accompanied by the signature of the secretary would also chairman of the DPW . Means that only 18 DPW , that it does not represent , " said Syaifullah , Wednesday ( 16/4 ) .

On that basis , he said , SDA Monoarfa Monoarfa fired and four head of DPW through a decree issued on Wednesday.

Syaifullah confirms Monoarfa and his friends had violated Sharia Council decisions related to the prohibition of impeachment PPP chairperson . " It was a fatal one , " he said .

According Monoarfa and his friends argued no-confidence motion was brought on behalf of 26 DPW because of the presence of natural resources in the campaign at the Bung Karno Gerindra some time ago . The incident was assessed leads to reduced acquisition pileg PPP in 2014.
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In fact , said Syaifullah , stating that the PPP actually increased . " In Jakarta in 2009 PPP only got seven seats , but now can obtain not less than 14 seats . Means that there is increased two -fold , " he said .


It Can Be Paired Devices 20 Galaxy Gear

One major drawback to the first generation Galaxy Gear last year , is only able to be used with the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 10.1 3 Edition 2014 , thus limiting the use of other smarthone . Therefore, Samsung has now added a list of devices compatible with the Gear 2 , Gear 2 and Gear Neo Fit .

All three devices are now wearable devices ( Galaxy Gear 2 , Gear 2 and Gear Neo Fit ) already support at 12 and 8 smartphone Galaxy their Galaxy tablet . The use of this device can download the latest version of Gear Gear Fit Manager or Manager utilities to connect their Galaxy devices to their Wearable devices , as reported by sammobile .
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The device can be connected to devices wearables including S5 Galaxy smartphone , the Galaxy Note 3 Neo , Galaxy Grand 2 , 3 Galaxy Note , Galaxy S4 , S4 Galaxy Mini , Galaxy S4 Active , Galaxy S4 Zoom , 6.3 Galaxy Mega , Mega Galaxy 5.8 , Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy SIII . List of tablets including the Galaxy Tab 10.1 4 , Galaxy Tab 8.0 4 4 7.0 Galaxy Tab , Galaxy Tab 12.2 Pro , Pro Galaxy Tab 10.1 , Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro , Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and 10.1 Edition Galaxy Note 2014.

Unfortunately, Samsung 's new wearable device can only be used for the Samsung Galaxy alone , but reportedly that the user can use the Gear Fit on a device other than the Samsung such as the Nexus One and HTC 5 ( M8 ) , although not all features may work perfectly .


Senin, 14 April 2014

Illegal Referendum, Basque Want Release of Spain

Approximately 2,500 residents Etxarri Aranatz , Navarre province , unofficial referendum on Sunday , 13 April 2014 . Goal is to break away from Spain and established the Basque country .

Located in the north of Spain, Basque country consists of Alava , Biscay and Gipuzkoa . On the day of the referendum , the people of Navarre play songs Basque tradition . " Support for independence is very strong Basque in Navarre , " wrote RT.com .

Not only Basque autonomous government demanding to Spain . Catalonia residents also want the same thing . In fact , according to Anna Arque , a spokesman for Catalonia in the European Partnership for Independence ( EPI ) , the referendum was not only important for the Basque people . " But also for the Catalan and all the nations of Europe in the middle prises self-determination, " said Arque .
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Aranatz Extarri city is in the heart of Navarre , 40 kilometers from Pamplona . The majority of the population considers itself Extarri Aranatz nationality and speak Basque in the Basque language . On the other hand , the population of Catalonia 's own use he said .

Last Tuesday , the Spanish government rejected the proposal independence of Catalonia. Spanish Congress was debating the possibility of separation Catalonia motion . However , only 47 voted in favor , while the other 299 refused .

Catalonia President Artur Mas pledged to hold a referendum on 9 November 2014 when Spain still refuse their wishes . However, according to the Prime Minister of Spain , Mariano Rajoy , the vote will still be considered illegal . " Because the Spanish constitution only allows the central government to hold a referendum sovereignty , not the local government , " Rajoy said .


Minggu, 13 April 2014

UN First Day High School, Noah M Readiness Checks in Rayon 8

Jakarta - In front of thousands mass Indonesia Movement Party , the United Development Party chairman Suryadharma Ali speech . Wearing a green jacket with a logo PPP , Suryadharma commend Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerindra , Prabowo .

" Gerindra have the right to decide future leaders . Further I fell in love with Pak Prabowo ! The president of Indonesia Raya , the president for the poor , for the underprivileged , for fishermen , and one that can not be overlooked is the president of the kiai , " he said Suryadharma were given a short speech in front of thousands of sympathizers Prabowo and Gerindra on Sunday ( 23/3 ) and at the Bung Karno Stadium , Jakarta .

For thousands mass Gerindra , Suryadharma speech can be of encouragement . But not for the PPP cadres elsewhere who was then campaigning for support people .
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" And at the root level under our cadres compete with other parties , including the cadre Gerindra for legislative elections , " said Chairman of Banten branch of the PPP Mardiono when to talk to AFP on Sunday ( 04/13/2014 ) .

As a result of action by him Suryadharma support Prabowo was actually undermined the PPP . The results of a quick count pollsters call in the 2014 legislative elections the PPP only get 6.70 percent of the vote . This figure puts PPP in order to 9 , lost to Democratic National Party which gets 6.90 percent of the vote .

PPP also lost the vote by the Prosperous Justice Party which gets 6.90 percent of the vote , and the National Mandate Party with 7.50 percent of the vote .


Jumat, 11 April 2014

Performance PAN 2014: the party machine is not as expected

National Mandate Party ( PAN ) was founded by Amien Rais who is also one of the characters in the reform era . In its participation in the 1999 elections , the PAN succeeded in occupying the fifth under the PDI-P , Golkar , PKB and PPP with the acquisition of 7,528,956 votes or 7.12 percent of the national vote . PAN gain 34 seats in the House of Representatives .

In the 2004 elections , the PAN is at number seven with the acquisition of the national vote 7,255,331 ( 6.41 percent ) and gets a 53 seat House of Representatives . Although the seventh , PAN confident carrying the internal vice presidential candidate , Amien Rais and Siswono Yudhohusodo .

But the pair failed to qualify for the second round because only got 14.94 percent of the vote . Not compete with the SBY - JK ( 33.58 percent ) and Megawati - Hasyim ( 26.24 percent ) who breezed into the second round .

In the 2009 elections , the PAN voice dropped to 6,273,462 votes ( 6.03 percent ) is ranked fifth and only gained 46 House seats . In Pilres 2009, was unable to carry the PAN candidate and chose a coalition with the Democratic Party , PKS , PPP , PKB and Golkar to support SBY .

Until the 2014 election , the PAN only stagnant . From a quick count , PAN got as many votes as 7.52 percent based version of the Indonesian Survey Institute ( LSI ) . While R & D Compass 7.51 percent .

LSI Research Director , Kuskrido Ambardi PAN movement that has always been in the ' mid-table ' as a political machine is not running as expected , so the party campaign in the community is very less and make them unable to move to a better position .

" It looks so weak that the party machine party sale is very less , " said Kuskrido when talking with merdeka.com , Friday ( 11/4 ) yesterday .
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Long before the general election , the party is already carrying Hatta Rajasa as a presidential candidate , but it was not able to make PAN moved from the same position with the election of 1999, 2004 and 2009 .


Kamis, 10 April 2014

Police Arrest Event in Hotel Star Voice Record

Election Supervisory Committee (Panwaslu) Palembang, South Sumatra Police along with officers Palembang, Friday (11/4) early morning securing 12 members and chairman KPPS, PPS and PPK, in Aryaduta Palembang.
The arrests were made after members of Supervisory Committee received reports from the public about the existence of the form C1 perekapan activities of PPS and PPK West Ilir Subdistrict 1.

Supervisory Committee Member Palembang, Amrulah said, after investigation and examination of 12 persons, the implementation of the hotel it turned perekapan facilitated by one of Palembang City Council candidates from the Democratic Party constituencies Ilir Subdistrict 5 West 1.
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Penitia organizers of the elections, the police secured C1 form being recapitulated. "There is involvement of the provision of facilities granted to give this activity (counting) by one of the candidates, we now go into," said Amrullah.

He continues, there are 225 polling stations that did perekapan C1 in Aryaduta. In addition, there are six PPS are also present.
"From 6 PPS are present, only one is not present, the PPS Lorok Pakjo. Entire PPS in District 1 attended West Ilir all," he said.

From the results of these penggerbekan, the Supervisory Committee of Palembang securing thousands of pieces of evidence such as C1, laptops and cell phones belonging whole reported.
"Their status is still reported. They do at the hotel and facilitated counting of candidates, it was violated," said Amrullah.
Meanwhile, indications about the alleged alteration results recap, Amruullah denied it. "If there is a change effort tetunya voting results bears criminal, for violating Section 301-118. However, the results can not be found," he explained.

From the data obtained, 12 were police secured, Wawan Kurniawan (operator), Allubani (PNS), Ledi Ismed (PNS), Fachrizal (PNS), Supardi Hafis (chairman PPS), Darmansyah Ahyana (chairman KPPS), Sunarto ( KDP members), Muhammad Izhar (chairman KDP), a senior official (PPS members), Hesti (assistant helper) and Mat Johan (KDP members).


Rabu, 09 April 2014

Still Suspicious Cheated, Megawati urges the Government and the Commission Transparent

Chairman PDIP Megawati appealed to the Government and the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) act honestly , neutral , and transparent legislative elections held in 2014 .

" In the legislative election , for me the main thing is the existence of a strong political will of the Government and the Commission to be honest , neutral , and transparent , " said Megawati after giving a right to vote at 035 polling stations Kebagusan Village , Pasar Minggu , Jakarta , on Wednesday .

Megawati asserted , since long before he has frequently reminded the cadres and the public about the four things that might hinder the implementation of the election be qualified .

The fourth thing is that the Commission is not neutral , intelligence at play , the information technology system is set up , as well as the practice of money politics .

" Four it is , can inhibit the election to be qualified, " he said .

The fifth President of the Republic of Indonesia added , her voice constantly so that the elections be fair , neutral , and transparent , because of the potential for fraud can occur in a variety of fields .

As the chairman of a political party , Megawati has always tried hard to fight for honest elections , neutral , and transparent , so that anyone legislative candidates ( candidates ) are chosen people , truly in accordance with the selection .

According to him , half of the legislative elections is a step toward the presidential elections which will be held July 9.
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" If the PDI-P gained more than 20 percent of voice in legislative elections , it can carry its own presidential and vice presidential partner , " he said .

If the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle believed to preside over the next five years , According to Mega , it will do the construction for the welfare of the nation and the state .